Our general fabrication services show a broad spectrum of advanced techniques and applications. From pallets and boxes to Conpearl Sleeve Systems and Line Side Sequencing Units, our range of standard customised packaging Cut & Welded Extended Euro Boxproducts is as diverse and innovative as you will find.

Customised Packaging Ltd has a bespoke design fabrication department. We manufacture boxes, all types of layer pad/divider systems to meet your requirements and we have the technology to extend, reduce and modify standard box sizes to specification. We can provide the following product range and facilities:


  • EFLC Systems.
  • Toast Rack.
  • Cloth Dunnage.
  • Foam Dunnage.
  • Conpearl Sleeve Systems.
  • Line Side Sequencing Units.
  • Bespoke Boxes.
  • Pallets, Trays and Lids
  • Reel Trays.
  • Layer Pad/Tray.
  • Seat Belt Pallet and Lid.

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