Vacuum Forming


The remarkable combination of having in-house extrusion facilities together with vacuum forming capability maintains our strong market position. We can also specialise in batch runs which further enables us to maintain customer satisfaction.VAC Formed Insert in EuroBox

With six state-of-the-art vacuum forming machines on site, we have the ability to tailor-make trays, pallets, bases, lids and dividers to your individual requirements. To ensure the security and safe condition of your goods and components, our moulded trays, racks and dividers provide innovative solutions to keep your items from damage during transit and storage.

The six machines we have on-site:

1 x Illig            1 x Geiss          4 x Shelley

The different plate sizes we can offer are; 330mm x 330mm and 1700mm x 1200mm

We have the facility to manufacture vacuum formed extended boxes and can additionally offer you the benefit of a moulded logo to create brand awareness. These vacuum formed extended boxes have the added benefit of containing 2 enclosed handles and divider slots. They are also available in a variety of colours.

Vacuum formed boxes, trays and pallets have the additional advantage of being stackable, saving on space and they are of course re-usable, saving on cost and resources.


  • Product Size up to 1900mm x 1500mm x 1600mm
  • Automatic Sheet Loading
  • High Energy Heating System
  • Local Toolmaking Service

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